Thursday, June 4, 2009


There are a lot of changes going on at Navy Bean.  First, Mike, Navy and I have all moved to Stamford, CT for the summer.  We will be here for 10 weeks.  I'm excited at the prospect of returning to my home state and being able to hang out with my family for the summer.  I'm also thrilled to only be a 45 minute express train away from New York City. Another big change is that I've decided to blog full time for the summer!  I'm really looking forward to posting every day on a regular basis and sharing my thoughts and ideas with you.  So keep those comments coming!

Speaking of "change," Mike and I are living on a strict budget this summer so you'll see a lot of thrifty posts.  Since we moved into an unfurnished apartment and only moved a few of our belongings, I'm trying my best to make it homey and comfortable and pinch a few pennies at the same time.  This morning I made bank for our spare change from a Crystal Light container. I simply wrapped colored paper around the outside and cut a slot on top.  We're planning on saving our pennies and splurging at a great restaurant at the end of the summer.  If you're thinking it's never going to amount to much, trust me it will.  We just recently counted $170 in spare change from our piggy bank back in Ithaca!  (I guess I'll have to drink a lot of Crystal Light to make some more coin banks though!)


Theresa Cowing said...

love this! ally said it best, i felt a kinship with this post ;)

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