Monday, June 8, 2009

Love Stamps

Have you seen the new love stamps recently? They are on the cover of USA Philatelic. No, I'm not a stamp collector, I just found this in our mailbox at work and I was instantly drawn to the beautiful graphic design on the cover. I'm always slightly disappointed with most stamps. I feel like there is so much possibility within the world of stamps to be beautiful and graphic at the same time. However, these definitely fit the bill. I love the classic timelessness of the King and Queen of Hearts. The design is simple yet intricate and keeps the eye moving throughout the page and the colors are superb. I wish these were around when I mailed my wedding invitations!


BS Memorial said...

Wow- these are fantastic. Love how they use the word "PHILATELIC" on the cover- real old fashioned, makes it collectory in a way, too- it's aimed at that.

I'm going to go get some of these...


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