Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm a sucker for packaging. I'll buy anything if is designed in an aesthetically pleasing way. I totally buy Target's Archer Farms brand just to have pretty boxes and jars in my pantry. found via How About Orange, is a dream blog for people like me. They just have page after page of unique, beautifully designed packaging. calls themselves the # 1 packaging design website. Here is their mission statement:
The Dieline is dedicated to the progress of the package design industry and its practitioners, students and enthusiasts. Its purpose is to define and promote the world’s best examples of packaging, and provide a place where the package design community can review, critique and stay informed of the latest industry trends and design projects being created in the field.
Picked in June Olive Oil, a boutique olive oil company in Australia. Designed by Watts Design. The photograph was taken on their property in central Victoria.

Clover Farmstead Butter. Designed by Voicebox Creative. The label is pressure sensitive so it peels off easily so the crock can reused time after time. I love this. There's nothing worse than label residue left on containers. (Although this label is so pretty that I might just leave it on.)

Albert Menes Sardines. Designer unknown.
I'd never eat them, but I'd buy them just to have that lovely box.


Blog O. Food said...

If you have never had a sardine on a saltine cracker with a smear of coarse brown mustard, you have missed one of life's simple pleasures.

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