Friday, June 12, 2009

Thrifty Post #1

We got this bouquet of flowers from our apartment building management when we moved in last week. (It's a long story, but basically our move in was a HUGE hassle so this was their apology gesture.) It was thoughtful and we certainly appreciated it, but the flowers didn't last long. This is how they looked today... kind of blah and the vase isn't my favorite.

I'm all about making the flowers last as long as possible so I always trim and re-arrange my bouquets. The only problem is I left all my lovely bud vases back in Ithaca. So I rummaged through our recycling bin and found a clean Emeril's Marinara jar. It works fine for a vase and I even like how the adhesive from the label left a stripey effect on the jar. I kind of like the country charm and a whole bunch of jars in different sizes would make an amazing arrangement for a picnic or casual get together.


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