Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fonts & Hand Lettering

I've been working on a design project this morning and it got me thinking about fonts. It is amazing how much feeling a single font can emulate. There are:

Anderson Four Feather Falls

Phoenix Sans

Wilhelm Klinspor Gotisch Df


And everything in between. I literally have hundreds of fonts but sometimes I still can't find the one I need. I've been hitting up
DaFont (the go to website for hundreds of free downloadable fonts arranged by category, found via Jordan Ferney) a lot today and I'm just awed by the endless possibilities.

But then I got to thinking how hand lettering is now a lost art form. As a calligrapher, I feel fortunate because I get to experience the process of writing instead of just tapping keys on a keyboard. Luckily there are still some people who still cherish it as an art form and continue the wonderful tradition. Like Pierre Tardif (found via oatmeal and cinnamon):

It is fascinating to watch and I have so much appreciation for the skill involved. If you have time, check out his other you tube videos, you'll be mesmerized by the process.


Nathan Reimer said...


Have you tried to create your own font? Tara was looking into it recently. Here are a few sites you can try it out:

Hope all is well,

Navy Bean said...

Hi Nathan-
Ohh that's really cool. I'll have to look into it! Thanks for sending this along. Tell everyone I said hi! We're missing Ithaca very much!

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