Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hanging out with Mar

My best friend since high school came to visit me today and she came bearing wonderful gifts! Margaret brought me her pre-read stack of weekly glossies: US Weekly and People Style Watch. Can't wait to catch up on what's going on with Jon and Kate this week.

And she brought delicious cookies made by her mom. Pizzelles and chocolate and coconut bars... yum. Thanks Mrs. A!

Margaret also brought me copies of the latest Ben Folds albums. Way to Normal and University A Cappella. Both amazing.

Finally she introduced me to Sporcle. An incredible time-waster website that has any and all types of trivia quizzes you can imagine. Warning: only go to this website if you can dedicate a good portion of your time. It is instantly addicting. Quizzes include "Can you name the artists listed in VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's?":
and "Can you name these Corporate Logos":

It was one of those golden summer days like back in high school, where all we needed was a pile of magazines, fabulous music and some cookies. I totally miss those times. Thanks for bringing me back Mar, and thanks for being my bff!


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