Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Food & Travel

I have to say, living without tv this summer hadn't been as hard as I expected. Thanks to Netflix and Hulu I was able to get by, and I certainly was a lot more productive during the day. But now that I'm back in Ithaca with our Time Warner cable and brand new flat screen (as soon as we got home our old tv started smoking and died so we promptly went to Best Buy to get a new one), I've become a Travel Channel and Food Network addict again. The two shows that I'm loving:

The Food Network's mini documentary series where chefs and Food Network personalities dish about the best... well, you know. Watching it makes my mouth water. Appetizers at The Spotted Pig... Donuts at Buddakan... can't go wrong with that!

And who doesn't know about Anthony? He has the absolute best travel show on tv. I can watch re-runs of his episodes over and over again. To simplify him and his show into a few sentences would be a disservice but just tune in on Monday nights at 10 on the Travel Channel to see what I'm talking about.


Erin said...

Deviled eggs at The Spotted Pig and Anthony...oh Anthony how I love thee! I can't believe Stacie and and are the last ones with old-fashioned TVs...see you in Ithaca soon!

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