Monday, November 16, 2009

Greenwich Letterpress

Mike and I recently found out that we'll be moving back to New York City next fall! While this is quite unexpected, we're excited to be reunited with old friends and our favorite city spots. I think I've already found the perfect stationery by Greenwich Letterpress for casual notes and I'm even contemplating getting them customized as moving announcements. And for all my fellow readers already living in NYC, check out all their lovely city holiday cards. I can't wait till I can send them out myself next Christmas!

All photos by Greenwich Letterpress


Prippy Handbook said...

Greenwich Letterpress is one of my favorite stores! I lived a few blocks away during my time in NYC, and I would stop in all the time to admire the beautiful (and witty) cards. Plus, there are two pet shops within a block of the store that always have french bulldogs in the windows!

Love your blog, by the way!

Janis said...

Oh I'll have to check it out (along with the pups) when I get back to NYC! Thanks for reading!

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