Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Make Bunting

Bunting is one of the easiest decorations to make and it can be used over and over again. The key is Bias Tape. It's a lifesaver. So here are the materials you will need:

  • Sewing machine
  • 3 yards of Bias Tape (found at your local sewing shop such as Joanne's)
  • Colored paper cut into triangles

That's it! Let's get started.

Bias tape is essentially used for creating a trim for raw fabric borders. It's a double folded piece of fabric, cut on the bias, and ironed flat so that it creates a crisp edge.

You can make your own bias tape, but the store bought is so cheap (about $1.50) and it comes in a huge variety of colors that it's totally worth it to me.

Next I used this awesome Amy Butler patterned scrapbook paper (found at Michaels) to make the triangles. I love the colors of this paper and it's double sided which is perfect for making the bunting.

Finally you will need a cardboard template of your triangle (Cereal box cardboard make great templates). I decided to make my triangles 6"x 7 3/4". I also used my X-Acto knife, ruler and cutting board but you can definitely trace the pattern and cut with scissors. I'm just super anal and I need perfectly straight lines!

Here is my sloppy Illustrator drawing of how I got five triangles out of this 12x12 scrapbook paper.

Use the ruler to cut a straight line with your X-Acto knife. (To be technical, mine is actually an Olfa knife, I prefer it much more to an X-Acto knife because that is what I used when I made hundreds of magazine mock-ups when I worked at House Beautiful. Old habits die hard.)

And there you have it! A perfect bunting triangle.

Next, insert the triangle into the fold of the bias tape and start sewing.

Make sure to set the first triangle in slightly so you have a few inches of bias tape on the end. This makes for easy hanging. I think I fit 18 triangles into 3 yards of bias tape.

Looks so professional, doesn't it? I'm telling you, this is easy peasy!

Try making bunting for your next party. It's an easy way to make a special occasion extra festive!


Anonymous said...

Very nice - thanks for the instructions I will be trying it out today :)

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for the great tutorial, I am going to post a link to this on my blog in the next week or so.

Kitty said...

That is just so cool!!
PLUS... I now know how to say bias tape in French, I'm all set. I think I need to make some of this bunting with red, white and blue flags for Fourth of July which I can then RE-use 10 days later by just turning them around to blue, white and red!

Summer stripes bunting! Autumn leaves bunting! Halloween! Oh it's just endless...

Thank you thank you for a simply fab idea!

Kind regards from Kitty

Karen L said...

Exactly what I was looking for! I am the mother of the bride (outdoor July wedding) and I thought I had to do this with fabric. Your idea is the best - thank you!

Renae said...

I'm so excited! I used this to create an adorable bunting for my daughter's birthday and am in the process of creating a halloween bunting. I linked this to my blog and have already inspired friends. So cute.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Just made one for my son's birthday and love it!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for something like this! Can't wait to make one for my party. Thanks, love it!

~Katie Leach

Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E. T.H.I.S.!
Can't wait to try it!
Thanks so much!!!!

The How-To Gal said...

Genius! Need to make one for my sister's baby shower and have been dreading it. You've made it easy :) Thank you!

Jillwag said...

Thanks for posting. I have always wanted to make a bunting, now off to try!

lauraleedaydreams said...

Love it! I'm crazy about bunting too and make mine for my outdoor porch but use inexpensive vinyl tablecloths. I make them two sided and simply glue the triangles together before I sew on the bias tape. I make different bunting for each season and holiday. I go wild looking for inexpensive tablecloths.

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