Wednesday, February 3, 2010

54 Reasons Playing Cards

My mom's birthday was this past Sunday and instead of the usual present-buying route, I decided to make her something special. She loves to play cards so I thought a customized deck would be unique and special. The theme was "54 Reasons Why We Love You." I enlisted the help of my brother and together we each came up with 27 reasons. A lot were fond childhood memories and it's funny to see how many revolved around food!

I found these special pink playing cards at my local grocery store.

Next I designed a template in InDesign and wrote our sentiments in each box. I color coded them so that the green ones are from my brother and the pink ones are mine.

I printed the template on full sheet label adhesive paper. Then I cut each one out using my Olfa knife, ruler and cutting board. And, although this is totally unnecessary, I rounded the corners with my small corner rounder.

Finally I applied each "label" onto the back of the cards. I kind of like how the design on the back of the card still comes through the paper slightly. I suppose if you're a serious card player this wouldn't work because you would start to remember the sentiment with the value on the other side. However, I think my mom will just love reading through them more than anything else.

I made a custom box using this awesome template from Lovely Design. It took just a few minutes and I used cereal box cardboard. (In case you were wondering, Mike goes through a box of Cheerios every couple of days so there always an empty box around!)

All packaged up and ready to go out. I was a little late sending it out but my mom should be getting it in the mail today or tomorrow. I'll keep you updated on her response!

Finally, click HERE for my download-able playing card template so you can make your own "54 Reasons" playing cards. Perfect for a sweet and sentimental Valentine's Day gift!

**Update: Just got a phone call from my mom and she LOVED them. I believe some tears were shed too! She was very touched.


SAJ said...

Simply brilliant! Your mom is going to love it. wish you could be there to see her face when she opens it.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful idea. Your mother is a lucky lady.

Stacie said...

The cards brought tears to MY eyes, so I can only imagine how she feels :) What an amazing idea!!

Brooke said...

what a great idea! you amazing me.

Nicole said...

Awesome idea Janis - I love these!

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