Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Make Pocket Wrapping Paper

This is a unique way to create a little pocket for cards when you wrap flat packages. Start by cutting your wrapping paper (or tissue paper, in this case) to the correct length. Now, make sure to include extra width in your paper because you will be folding it to create the pocket fold.

Grasp the paper in the middle of the wrapping paper to create an overlapping fold.

Line the overlapping flap of paper so it creates a straight line horizontally.

Now press it down so it creates a nice crease.

Wrap the package as you normally would.

Flip over and now you have a cute little "pocket" to tuck a card inside.

Wait, we're not done! Add some pretty ribbon. Wrap around the package once and tie in the middle. Make a "V" cut in the ribbon by folding it in half and cutting on a diagonal line with the open edge of the ribbon creating the points.

See how it creates a nice, even "V" shape? Love that!

Finished and ready to send!


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea.

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