Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wall Art

I thought I'd share a few more of my favorite wall art prints since yesterday I posted about my new key shadow box. Across the hallway from the shadow box is my "bonjour" french bulldog print. Tara picked it up for me, knowing that I'd adore it. It's such a welcoming print that I love coming home to. You can get yours here at Sycamore Street Press.

We picked up these charcoal prints by Davina Stephens at a small shop in Ubud, Bali. We loved the illustrated progression and the handmade, textured paper. I found "floating" picture frames at Michaels so that you can see the jagged edges of the paper.

I also love my Make it Happen print by Eva Juliet and my printed desk calendar by Snow and Graham.

Finally, I have yet to frame my letterpress coliseum that I got for my birthday but it's going on the wall as soon as possible.

There you have it, my favorite wall art. Do you have any special wall art pieces that you love? Do share!


Prippy Handbook said...


Nathan Reimer said...

Hi from Ithaca! Yeah, you're blogging again!

That print looks great! Feel free to mention that anyone near Ithaca can find this and more Sycamore Street Press and Snow & Graham products at Terra Rosa.

Also, we are planning on relaunching Terra Rosa's website with online shopping soon. Stay tuned!

Ann said...

For years I have been purchasing Ling Chang's calendars and love them. It hangs in our kitchen and every month a new piece of art to enjoy. I love your collection.

Navy Bean said...

Great to hear from you Nathan! Let me know when the website is up and running... very exciting!

Ann, the Ling Chang calendars are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Nathan Reimer said...

Here's a sneak preview http://www.terra-rosa.com/new (online store: http://www.terra-rosa.com/shop)

shh... it's not ready yet

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