Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know I'm reaaally late to the party here, but I just discovered Houzz thanks to Janell.  I am loving this amazing home decor site.  It's chock full of gorgeous interiors and inspiring home ideas.  All you have to do is create your own ideabook and start filling it.  A quick search for "window seats" yielded these beautiful photographs.  I'm determined to have my own window reading nook in my home one day so into the ideabook they go.  Take a look, you'll be instantly addicted.

Stair Hall traditional staircase

Kitchen  kitchen

playroom traditional kids

Lettered Cottage Reading Room


Jingger Cruz said...

This is nice! I love the combination of white paint and wood floors.

LLH Designs said...

Sweet Janis. Thank you for your heartfelt comment today. You are absolutely right that on a blog, we are fierce editors and only show the lovely...while a complete mess is just out of view. I pray I'll keep both the lovely and the mess in view and learn how to live in the balance!

Thanks for visiting!

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