Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Friends

This weekend I had brunch with some of my new blogger friends, Tara from The Prippy Handbook (a staple commenter here at Navy Bean) and Liz from Octavia & Brown.  We met at Peels, a delightful breakfast spot on the Lower East Side.  Tara and Liz are old friends from grade school and I've been friends with Tara for quite some time now through our blogs and email.  I had such a fabulous time connecting with my fellow comrades; we chatted nonstop about all things blog related and about our love for our frenchies, Navy and Scrapple.  I left feeling exhilarated and excited for what we all have planned for the future.  As bloggers who love what we do, our goals keep growing and growing and the possibilities seem endless!

If you haven't yet checked out The Prippy Handbook and Octavia & Brown, please do.  Believe me, you will absolutely love their smart and stylish blogs.


Prippy Handbook said...

I am still so excited about everything we chatted about over breakfast! Seriously have a lot to work on, and it is all so promising.

Cannot wait to do it again soon... and in the meantime, we have the internet!

Octavia Brown said...

So fun getting together at Peel's! It was a very inspiring conversation indeed. Now to put some of those ideas into action!

We'll definitely have to have brunch again soon when Tara is in town!

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