Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mailed Calligraphy

It's always fun when I get to see my calligraphy after it's been mailed out.  I did our friend's wedding envelopes and this is our invite.  I love how the calligraphy stands up even though it has been weathered by the mail. 

Also, note how Mavia decided to address the invitations including the wife's name.  I think it's fabulous even though it's not the tradition.  Why shouldn't the married women names be included as well?! What do you think?


LindsB said...

love that the wifes first name is on there- I totally should have done that!

Shayna said...

We did both people's names, it's so nice to get mail actually addressed to you, especially since, let's face it, it's usually the wife that's more excited to get a wedding invite anyhow.

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