Monday, September 26, 2011

Stretch Shoes with Ice

Have you heard that you can stretch shoes with ice?  I just stumbled upon this after reading The Lettered Cottage's post.  This is perfect for me because lately my feet have swollen due to the pregnancy. So I watched this video:

And decided to give it a try:

Put plastic bags filled with water in your shoes and place in the freezer.

Freeze for a few hours and then remove ice from shoes.  So easy!

The verdict?  It definitely worked!  But I think I need to try this again and really make sure the ice gets into the toes of the shoes.  I think next time I'll do less water in the bags.  (PS... these are Cole Haan shoes that I got at Marshalls for $40.  I don't think I would have tried this if I paid full price for them!)

And since we're on the topic of shoes, I thought I'd share this tip with you:

These are awesome.  

They're terry cloth shoe insoles from Aldo.  They have a rubber backing and slip easily into your shoes.  My biggest pet peeve is sweaty feet so these are perfect for absorbing the moisture.  Then you can just take them out and toss them in the washing machine whenever you want.  Plus they add a little extra cushion to your step. Genius! 

You can get these at Aldo but they don't have them on display.  Just ask for them at the counter.  Or you can purchase them online.  They come in black or white.


Prippy Handbook said...

I need those inserts! Love that you can throw them in the wash.

Hope you're feeling fantastic... despite the swollen feet!

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