Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recent Purchases

Last weekend I got a chance to hit up the Crate and Barrel outlet in Kittery, Maine. Let me just say, Major (and I mean major with a capital M) sale! Can you believe that I got all of these lovelies for just over $30?! Since I'm just so excited about my finds, here they are with links and exact dollar amounts:

From bottom to top:

Acacia Serving Board
, $4.95 - The perfect round board for a simple cheese and fruit display

Pritchard Platter, $3.00- I found this beauty in the clearance section. It has a tiny chip, but for that price I'll take it!

Grace Small Platter, $9.95- I'm super excited about this find because I have the Grace cake stand and I'll simply place this dish on an overturned bowl to create a tiered cake stand.

Deep Serving Stand, $14.95- I can't wait to use this as part of a beautiful centerpiece with whole sugared lemons and limes.

Total: $34.49 including tax
Yes, I can't quite believe it either. Get yourself to a C&B... stat!

I also got a sweet citrus reamer from one of my favorite antique stores in Newburyport, MA. It was about half the price of my total purchases from C&B- so a little pricey all things considered, but I just couldn't pass up the cuteness. I love the weight of the pressed glass and the color is divine! (And it also matches my Kitchen Aid.) So there you go... it was a great weekend of house ware purchases!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Lovely Afternoon

It was one of those afternoons where you can practically feel spring around the corner. When you can feel the sunlight gaining strength against the weakening days of winter.

This is the kind of afternoon when you have a twin following your every move.

When buds will themselves to catch a glimpse of the luscious light.

When the sunlight makes you want to close your eyes and soak in that vitamin D.

Where the blustery winds makes old, withered leaves tap dance under your feet.

It was an afternoon that makes you want to wander into new places and suddenly you feel small.

But then again, small is relative.

It was one of those days when muddy paws meant it was a good afternoon.

And two seconds later, a really good afternoon.

The sunlight was so marvelous that it made ordinary colors glow.

And not so ordinary colors appear.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Mornings

I love CBS Sunday Morning. There's nothing like stumbling out of bed, making breakfast and switching on CBS. The sound of Charles Osgood's voice is so comforting and they always have interesting and diverse segments. Today's broadcast featured stories on Anna Sui and Van Morrison.

Anna Sui reminded me of this page that I tore from a magazine (most likely Architectural Digest) ages ago in high school. This was way before I realized her legendary status as a fashion designer. Mostly I just loved her closet. It totally reminded me of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A wardrobe that opened up to a walk-in closet?! Swoon!

I'm a huge fan of Van Morrison- he has such a classic sound, and this reminded me of...

...Our wedding day. We danced to Into the Mystic.

Hope you all had a good Sunday Morning!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weddings, Weddings

Whew, it's wedding mayhem over here! I've started calligraphy for my girlfriend's wedding invitations and I'm finally getting around to sending out engagement gifts- LONG over due. I feel productive and happy that I get a chance to get those creative juices flowing. So far we have 3 weddings this summer and I'm excited for all of them. Let the wedding season begin!

Wrapped engagement gifts.

Pretty cards that I whipped up for the happy couples.

Newly addressed wedding invitations drying.

One french bulldog on guard. "That's it... carefully... step away from the drying invitations."
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