Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weddings, Weddings

Whew, it's wedding mayhem over here! I've started calligraphy for my girlfriend's wedding invitations and I'm finally getting around to sending out engagement gifts- LONG over due. I feel productive and happy that I get a chance to get those creative juices flowing. So far we have 3 weddings this summer and I'm excited for all of them. Let the wedding season begin!

Wrapped engagement gifts.

Pretty cards that I whipped up for the happy couples.

Newly addressed wedding invitations drying.

One french bulldog on guard. "That's it... carefully... step away from the drying invitations."


erin said...

Navy! He's so cute! I bet he was a big help with the invitations. You know, on account of him not having opposable thumbs and all.

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