Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jessica Rust Designs

Have you ever tried to find a great gift that was personalized but without the cheesiness factor? It's pretty hard, right? Look no further because Jessica Rust Designs is one of my favorite places for personalized dinnerware. Her designs are whimsical and the personalization is so discreet that it almost seems like a one of a kind piece made just for you.

My favorite is her birch tree collection. I actually gave these mugs to my friend Erin for her bridal shower. Who wouldn't want their initials etched on a tree for forever?! (But in a non-tree hurting way.)

She also has wonderful tea gift sets of city skylines. At $28 each these are unique and affordable gifts.

I'm absolutely in love with her Heart Bowls. The personalization is etched in to the gold a the bottom of the bowl. This might have to be a present to myself one of these days...

All photos by Jessica Rust Designs


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