Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrifty (and Crafty) Post #3

I woke up this morning with a case of the blahs. I've caught a summer cold and have been feeling slightly under the weather for the past few days. So I decided to work on some crafts to cheer myself up. I've been saving those ubiquitous Campbell's soup cans, ideal for pencil cups. A new one for my desk was the perfect project for today.

I started off by measuring and cutting 1" x 11" strips of Martha Stewart patterned paper.

Then I wove the strips to make a basket weave pattern. Make sure to glue each strip together at the sides. Glue dots worked perfectly for this.

A quick zip through the Xyron machine... (the best invention ever!)

to give it an adhesive backing.

Wrap around your Campbell's soup can and you have yourself a cute pencil cup! I love that the weave pattern gives it a little bit of a textured look, almost like fabric.

Since I had some left over strips of paper, I decided to make some of these hanging ornaments. It's such an easy and simple project and they certainly brightened up my day!


LindsB said...

OK, love these!! Such a cute idea and I can toally make those.

But what I really need to know is about that Xyron machine??? What do you do with it, what can you do with it, and what kinds of things do you make? I keep seeing them everywhere and I want one now!

Navy Bean said...

Oh my goodness... the Xyron is the best invention ever! It's basically a sticker machine that can turn any piece of paper into a sticker. It also laminates but I just use it as an adhesive backer. You definitely need to add one to your crafting collection. I use it all the time!

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