Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Art Books

One of my most prized possessions from high school are my Art Books. They were a project created by my beloved art teacher, Mrs. Mooz. We cut out our favorite pictures of anything we wanted: art, people, places, interiors, food and commented on why we like them. In a way, Art Books were like blogging before blogging was even invented! I worked hard to come up with a creative and beautiful cover for the binder, much like they way bloggers design their web page and the layout was crucial... I tried to match pictures on each spread. It's great to see how my taste has evolved, yet stayed the same. I cherished Mrs. Mooz's wonderful comments that she wrote on each page and her final thoughts written on a colored post-it, always in pencil. I've kept every single one. She was so encouraging and her enthusiasm was infectious. I still find myself clipping pictures from magazines and hanging on to little pieces of paper that inspire. She instilled in me a life long habit and I am forever grateful. This blog is the perfect testament to that!


Anonymous said...

I still have mine too! That was my favorite part of her class!
- Margaret

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