Thursday, January 21, 2010

Salvation Army

Today I hit up the Salvation Army in Ithaca. I have to say, Eddie Ross has really inspired me to visit the Salvation Army more often. You have to get beyond the disheveled merchandise and the really horrible junk and look for the hidden treasures. This doesn't mean that they'll be in pristine condition... usually they need a major scrub down and some kind of transformation, but think of it like a diamond in the rough. I'm always thinking to myself, "what would Eddie Ross do?"

I found this amazing filing cabinet today. It's an old Steelcase cabinet, the kind that they don't make anymore that uses real steel and weighs a TON. I love the brass hardware and the different sized drawers. It would be perfect for all my craft supplies. It needs a new paint job but that's easy enough. The price? $20. Can you believe that?! I was thisclose to buying it today but I held off. It's so heavy and would be a pain to move, since we'll be moving out of Ithaca and into a NYC apartment this summer. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea. What do you think? Should I go back and get it? It really is a great deal...

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Anonymous said...

Great find!

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Your support means the world to me!!


oh, hello friend. said...

ohmigoodness that has to be one of the best finds ever for only $20!!? im jealous ;) great find, thanks for sharing!
xo. danni

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