Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Burren Finale

After weeks of suspense, Matt and Aideen made it to the Today Show to compete in DIY's Most Desperate Landscape contest. Luckily our NYC apartment search perfectly coincided with the contest so we were able to watch it in person.

The obstacle course took place outside, right in Rockefellar plaza. Too bad it was a rainy and dreary day.

We were lucky to get prime spots right in front of the finish line!

The wacky obstacle course started off with sod rolling, followed by tree planting, brick laying and window box planting.

A tractor race across the finish line completes the course.

The contestants take group photos before the race. Matt and Aideen are the gray team!

Cameras and crew gather around to film the race.

Kathy and Hoda give the play by play.

Matt and Aideen had a great start but the tree planting slowed them down. Matt is in second place!

Soo close! Unfortunately the red team won.

The anchors in referee garb, announce the winners.

And final group photos were taken.

It was such a great race Matt and Aideen! At least you won a Club Cadet rider mower. And you'll have such great memories to look back on!

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