Friday, August 20, 2010

Navy Friday

In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die."

Navy's been spending the last few days at summer camp with his breeder, Lynn. For the most part I think he's living the life, except the other day Lynn made him take swimming lessons and he was not too happy. Don't worry, there was parental supervision at all times because Frenchies aren't really inclined towards water sports but it was a good way to cool the little guy off too. However, the sheer look of terror on his face is priceless.

Ahh, much better.

Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday!


Prippy Handbook said...

This is too, too funny! Scrapple loves the water, but is way too top heavy to be good at it. Poor guy!

Navy looks very relaxed after camp :)

Anonymous said...

These pics still have me laughing! Thanks for posting Janis!

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