Thursday, October 21, 2010

Warby Parker Recap

A while ago, I blogged about Warby Parker, the online eyewear boutique. Well, soon after I blogged about them they contacted me and invited me to visit their new offices in NYC! (This is one of the many reasons why I love being a blogger!)

So a few months ago I swung by their new digs in Union Square. I was graciously greeted by all of the very cool employees and they directed me to the showroom area. I was able to try many of the different styles and narrowing it down to just one pair was extremely difficult!

Each pair of glasses was exactly how you would expect from the pictures online. The vintage style frames are stylish, are made of high quality materials and are extremely comfortable.

I finally ended up choosing the Colton glasses in Sandlewood Matte.

A couple of things: Warby Parker has amazing customer service. After I had placed my order, I got an email right away suggesting that I might want to go with their ultra thin lenses because of the strength of my prescription (I'm totally blind). Just the fact that they caught that and were looking out for my best interest, blew me away. Secondly, it took less than a week to get my glasses in the mail. The convenience of it is phenomenal. The only downside is that since it's an online company you have to go somewhere to get them fitted. Unfortunately the first time I tried to get them fitted I went to LensCrafters. They were pretty incompetent and didn't get the fit quite right so I had to go a second time somewhere else to get them re-fitted. But this had nothing to do with Warby's and for the price, I'll definitely take that extra step.

The Warby Parker team hard at work.

So there you have it. My experience buying Warby Parker glasses online was wonderful and I highly recommend that you try them out for yourself!


Prippy Handbook said...

You look awesome in your new specs!

I've been loving their eyewear since you introduced my to them... I am just nervous about purchasing frames online... did they mention having a brick and mortar shop down the road?

Margaret said...

Love the new glasses! You look so chic!

Navy said...

Thanks so much girls!! Tara, I did ask them if they had plans of eventually opening up stores, but they said they weren't because that is how they keep their prices down. You can actually try them before you buy. They send you up to 5 frames for 5 days and include a pre-paid return shipping label.

Ann said...

They look great on you.

Stacie said...

You do look AMAZING! Great selection, but I'm not surprised w/ your impeccable taste :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you for sharing Warby Parker. Just ordered new glasses (which I desperately needed and didn't want to spend $500 on).

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