Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shopping in the City: Paper Presentation

I'm so excited to share with you this post of Shopping in the City because it's my absolute favorite store in NYC. Paper Presentation is mecca for paper lovers like me and I usually go there at least once a week. Not only do they have every type of paper or envelopes that you can imagine, they also have stationery, craft supplies, pens, photo albums and gifts. It's a Michael's, Staples and high end letterpress stationery store all rolled into one and spit out as a paper lover's dream.

(Disclaimer: For those of you who aren't as interested in paper and envelopes as I am, I do apologize... as you may find the multiple pictures of the aforementioned pretty boring!)

First off, this store is huge. It runs the length between 5th and 6th Avenues!

Envelopements envelopes

Paper folders in every size

Paper Presentation has shelf after shelf of any color of paper and cardstock you can imagine with matching envelopes.

Mini envelopes

Envelope liners

Metallic envelopes

Metallic paper perfect for wedding stationery. I use it all the time for my clients.

Scalloped and regular die cut circles

Beautiful wrapping paper

The map wrapping papers make for cheap wall art that looks expensive. Especially if displayed in a Ribba Ikea silver frame.

The craft section of the store

Martha Stewart glitter

Wall of rubber stamps

Semikolon boxes... don't you love these? I want the desktop file box.

Pretty desktop accessories

Pens, pens and more pens!

Paper Presentation

3 West 18th Street (between 5th and 6th)
New York, NY 10011

(212) 463-7035

Store hours:
Mon - Fri 9 - 7:30
Sat & Sun 11 - 6


Erin said...

I used to stop in this store all the time! So very close to one of my favorite restaurants, Pipa. I'm missing NYC this holiday season!!

LindsB said...

omg seriously I would be there every single day of the week!! That place looks like it would take my whole paycheck in a split second :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have been in love with this store for many years! I'm amazed they let you take pictures inside: did you ask, or just go ahead???
I've bought such great supplies here for trade shows i.e. Surtex. Always something new and unique. We just moved down to N.C. and this is really one of the spots in Manhattan that I know I will miss!

Dina said...

Oh my heavens, I am salivating looking at these photos, this is just pure heaven!

Jingger C said...

I have died and went to Paper Heaven! I wish I live in NYC! ;)

Navy Bean said...

It is my absolute favorite store! Aneyefordetail... I didn't even think to ask to photograph the store. I guess I should have but they didn't give me any problems. I've never heard of Surtex before but I just googled and it sounds amazing!!

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