Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nate Duval & Sweet'N Low

I love Nate Duval's ad campaign for Sweet'N Low.  I recently saw one of his posters on the side of a bus stop and it immediately caught my eye.  The bright pink really stands out and the ads are just so whimsical and happy.  Here are some prints from his latest 2010-2011 winter campaign:

And here are some prints from his summer 2010 campaign:

After further research, I discovered Nate Duval has done work for Phish, Spoon and Wilco (some of my absolute favorite artists) as well as Flight of the Concords (where Navy once made a guest appearance.*)  I'm absolutely smitten with his work.  Visit his website and blog and you can purchase his artwork on Poster Cabaret.  I'm partial towards this Nighttime in the City print.

(* Navy appeared in the hilarious Epileptic Dogs episode.  You can see a one second shot of him in this video around 1.20.  He's sitting in the front row and it's literally for one second.  But he's still a star in my eyes!)


Prippy Handbook said...

Super Star! Love that Navy is a famous pooch.

And I absolutely love these ads and Nate's work. Brilliant!

Oh, and I love those bands, too. This is just a love fest of a post!

LindsB said...

love all that pink- what a talented guy!

Nate Duval said...

Hey Thanks!!

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