Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After-Holiday Finds

I've made some great after-holiday purchases recently:

Some new $8 knobs from Anthropologie. Yes, I'm still working on my bedroom to-do list and am about to finish up the nightstand. I'm not quite sure what knob I'm going to use but I'm leaning towards the No. 25 version.

A pretty oven mitt from Anthropologie marked down to $7.

(Why is it that I love everything Anthropologie does? They even make masking tape look chic.)

And finally this trellis doormat from Marshalls that was a steal at $20. It's perfect for these messy winter months.

Have you made any great purchases lately? Do share!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Anthropologie is one of my favorites: I've done several posts on their jewelry. Love the necklaces! And everything in there photographs so well...

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