Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chevrons and Pinterest

Pinterest is my latest obsession.  (My poor hubby... between my blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, and reading about 20 blogs a day our evening conversation has completely stopped.  He watches tv while I'm buried in my laptop!)  Anyway, back to Pinterest.  It's a highly addicting website where you can curate your favorite images from the web.  You just create a board, search other people's boards and repin or pin items that you see elsewhere on the web to your board.  It's much more difficult to explain it than to actually do it.  Check out my Pinterest and see for yourself! 

Here I've curated a bunch of my favorite cheveron objects.  Are you sick of seeing this print?  It's everywhere but I still love it!


Roxy Te said...

my very first business cards that arrived last week are so chevron'd out ;)

Octavia Brown said...

Pinterest is already a fav and I'm a huge fan of chevron. That bathing suit is adorable! Can't wait for some warmer weather to wear something like that :)

LLH Designs said...

I've been wanting to check out Pinterest, but all who mention it say you'll stay there forever. The LAST thing I need! Yet so tempting!

Love your chevron collection!

SweetBeaker said...

hi janis.

i stumbled upon your blog via design sponge. the chevron striped calling cards are from my shoppe; thanks for (re)posting about them!


Navy Bean said...

Love your shop, SweetBeaker... you have the cutest paper goods! I'm glad you all love chevrons as much as I do!

Kristina D. Closs said...

Lovely! I love this pattern. Actually this post reminded me of some mittens I knitted up recently!


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