Monday, February 7, 2011

A Few Random Things:

First, have you changed your desktop recently?  I just uploaded this one:

But how about a fun Valentine's Day desktop?

Or a cute gorilla?

You know how I'm extremely picky about my desktops but these at Simple Desktops are great.  (Found via How About Orange)

Second, I feel like I finally have a grasp on Twitter!  Hallelujah, she's finally got it... about 3 years too late.  Ahh well, better late than never.  It's really fun to follow my fellow bloggers and I must admit, it was entertaining to see Kim Kardashian tweet seconds after her superbowl commercial aired.  Originally I felt overwhelmed by Twitter, that I couldn't possibly keep up and read all my favorite blogs but I've realized that Twitter is something that you keep up with, instead you occasionally check it like Facebook.

For those of you new to Twitter, these are some of the symbols that are frequently used when tweeting. (Figuring these out really made a world of difference for me):

The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

The @ symbol is used to call out usernames in Tweets, like this: Hello @Twitter! When a username is preceded by the @ sign, it becomes a link to a Twitter profile.  This is also the way to reply back to a twitter post.

RT is an abbreviation for ReTweet, which is like Repeat. It’s like forwarding, but for Twitters instead of emails.

(Definitions pulled from the Twitter Glossary and here.)

For those of you Twitter aficionados, follow me on Twitter!

Third, have you read the premier issue of High Gloss Magazine?  Gorge...ous is all I can say. 

That's it...  just thought I'd share a bunch of random things with you this Monday!


Prippy Handbook said...

Congratulations on becoming a part of the Twitter world! I'm still overwhelmend by it all (I'm an old lady), but I plan on getting into it in the next month. Your guide was my first lesson!

Loved High Gloss. So well done! My fave e-zine to date.

Navy Bean said...

You will love Twitter, Tara! It's actually quite addicting.

Roxy Te said...

hahah thanks for the info...definitely still getting the hang of it!

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