Monday, March 21, 2011

Fail Harder

I've been on a huge documentary kick lately thanks to Netflix.  This weekend I watched: A Man Named Pearl (recommended by Besotted Brand Blog), Objectified and Art & Copy.  They were all enormously fantastic and inspiring.  However, one segment from Art & Copy especially caught my eye.  It featured a wall art installation at Weiden + Kennedy, an advertising agency most famous for Nike's "Just Do It" campaign. 

The installation was created by the students at Weiden + Kennedy's advertising school.  The unique thing about this installation is that it's made up entirely with clear thumbtacks.  How brilliant is that?  I'd love to try this at home except on a much smaller scale and using foam core board instead of punching thousands of thumbtack holes in my walls. 

The thumbtacks sparkle and shimmer in the light and create a beautiful backdrop.  Plus the sentiment is pretty awesome as well.

Here's the video of its creation that took over 351 hours to create.  I love how they started off by pushing each tack in by hand but eventually switched to a retrofitted screwdriver.  Ouch, those thumbs must have hurt!


Prippy Handbook said...

That is so ridiculously cool!

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