Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some New Recipes

Yesterday I was in major cooking mode and made some tasty things.  I was largely inspired from a conversation with my foodie friend, Liana.  Sometimes I get in such a huge rut with my cooking but all I need is a little encouragement and I'm all set.  The nuts are from an old Ina Garten recipe.  I added almonds to the mix in addition to the cashews.  They are soo good and are best served warm.  The chicken I adapted from a NY Times recipe.  I used a whole chicken that was pre-cut into quarters instead of a whole roasted chicken and I substituted the thyme for rosemary.  The absolute best part is the croutons that have soaked up the chicken juices.  As Liana said, it tastes like a chicken custard, savory and delicious.  She also recommended the brussels sprout recipe from Orangette.  How can you go wrong braising a vegetable in cream?  Yum.  The recipe links are below.

Thanks for the inspiration, Liana!


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