Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Surprise Ball

My friend Margaret's nephew, Kevin, has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. He's a trooper and he's doing really well and I thought a care package could help cheer him up. Thanks to Jordan Ferney's recent post, I decided to make him a surprise ball. I bought some fun trinkets and wrapped them in crepe paper streamers to make a ball. All Kevin has to do is unravel the ball to find the surprises inside!

Get better soon Kev! We're thinking about you and are sending happy thoughts your way!


Anonymous said...

Janis, this is so cool! He's going to love it- thanks for doing this for Kevin!!

Carrie said...

Janis, that breaks my heart but in usual fashion you did something wonderful to help brighten a hard situation. I love that idea and might just have to borrow it for a few kiddos that I know could use some cheering up.

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