Monday, November 22, 2010

Bedroom To-Do List

It was a busy weekend over in the Snell household. It felt great to check some things off in my Bedroom To-Do List. First I bought two rolls of light blue artist tape from Amazon. After I bought it I realized that I probably didn't need to buy it online because I saw the same exact tape in several art stores. So just check out your local art store to see if they have colored artist (or masking) tape.

Then I enlisted the help of the hubby who reluctantly agreed to assist me with this project. He just didn't have the grand final vision that I did. The thing is, it's a little bit tricky getting the tape at exactly the right angle and measuring it so each line is precisely the same width apart. It's definitely a two person job and there was a lot of eyeballing and re-taping. We ended up taping the lines 13 inches apart at an angle.

The this-just-isn't-going-to-look-good-and-I'm-annoyed Mike.

Once we taped the lines in one direction, it was much easier going in the opposite direction because we just taped from end to end of the first tape lines, to create a diamond pattern.

Mike cutting off some tape edges with the x-acto knife while thinking to himself, "hmm... this doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Maybe I was wrong... Janis is always right."

All in all it really only took an hour and a half and for the $12.00 that I spent on tape, the transformation is incredible. It just gives so much more interest to our bedroom. The best part is that it can all come down with no damage to the walls when we move. Thank you Little Green Notebook for the fabulous idea!

Navy tried to help but mostly he got caught up in red blue tape.

Finally, I just ordered the Deirdre duvet cover and shams from Pottery Barn. They were a splurge (even on sale) but I'm absolutely in love with the pattern and hopefully the blues will match the blue tape on the wall. I think this will pull the room together nicely.

Next up, painting the nightstand and hanging some wall art. The big reveal to come soon.


Erin said...

Love the duvet cover and shams. LOL at Mike, God love him.

Prippy Handbook said...

Looks ambitious! Can't wait to see the final room. Love the looks of it already!

Stacie said...

Love it! I too love Mike's reaction. I could never get the angles right--great job!

LindsB said...

Janis is always right!! He should listen to you more often, and as I have taught my fiance, he needs to "just go with it" haha

Navy said...

Oohh... love "just go with it." Going to have to use that next time! :)

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