Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Keep those Bedskirts Straight

One of the things I was determined to fix with the bedroom makeover was the bedskirt.  It was driving me nuts how it was slightly longer than the bed frame and how it sagged and drooped.

After reading the comments on Isabella and Max Rooms' post on bedskirts, I discovered these guys.  It's the best $2.99 I've ever spent.  These little pins keep the skirt in place and prevents it from shifting around when you change the sheets.

After a good wash and ironing, I placed the skirt on the box spring exactly where I wanted it to sit and screwed these pins through the bedskirt into the box spring.  It has a surprisingly tight hold.

You'll notice that I had a lot of extra bedskirt fabric pulled over the top to shorten the length.  It lines up evenly and hits the floor at the right spot.  No overhang.  And once you put the mattress on top of the box spring you'll never notice the extra fabric in the middle.

Now it's perfectly straight and even. So much better!


Erin said...

I juuust returned a bed skirt as it was too long for our guest bed. :( Although, I'm not sure this woul dhave been a fix as it had pleats. Great to know for the future!! How about a ribbon for the inside lining of your lamp? Oh, I try...

Navy Bean said...

Erin, you should buy these... they're awesome! And even though yours had pleats it still could work. I tried ribbon for the inside of the lamp but since it's sloped the ribbon doesn't sit right. It might just look like that for a while... feeling lazy!

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