Monday, February 28, 2011

Bedroom To Do List... Finished!

When I first blogged about my Bedroom To-Do List back in November, I wrote that I love having a blog because it holds you accountable.  Well I guess I didn't feel that accountable because it's now a day before March and I'm just now finishing my bedroom makeover!  Four months later and here we are.  Ah well, at least I finished the list!  So to recap, here is the BEFORE:

And here is the AFTER:



You'll remember from this post that I used blue artists tape to create a diamond pattern on walls.  It was this single project that made the biggest impact.  I love how it turned out.  I bought the Dierdre bedding from Pottery Barn which also added a ton of color.  Next, I painted the nightstand using a $2.35 sample of Martha Stewart's Nutshell paint.  I tried to pull the beige/taupe colors from the duvet cover. 

I also added a new knob from Anthropologie to glam it up a bit. 

I also pushed the bed over slightly so that I could add another "nightstand" (It's the round table that you've seen many times in my blog that was in our living room.)  Originally we had the bed pushed closer to the window so we could maximize space.   However, It was driving me nuts that the bed wasn't centered along the back wall.  And actually having nightstands on both sides of the bed actually make the room seem larger.  I think it's the symmetry that tricks the eye.

I hung some wall art above the bed: a picture from our wedding day and our initials.  How-To post to come soon.  I'm dying for a gorgeous headboard (love this one from Restoration Hardware) but it's just not in the budget right now. 

Finally, I wrapped this lampshade in the leftover linen fabric from my other lamp makeover project. It was a lot harder to wrap than the other lampshade because it wasn't a straight barrel shape, but I managed to get it around the lamp.  I'm still not sure what to do with the raw edge on the underside of the lampshade but for now it works.

This is the opposite side of the room.  It's still a little blank since I didn't tape the other side but I may eventually hang some more pictures.  Also, Navy's chair still remains.  I didn't have the heart to throw it out since he loves it so.  But it got covered in some pretty fabric that I had lying around. 

And I moved the mirror as well.  It didn't fit on the other side since I moved the bed to incorporate the other nightstand.  But I actually love how it reflects the wall and the bed.  It's much more pretty to look at now. 

So there you have it.  The bedroom is finally finished 7 months after we moved in! What do you think?


Stacie said...

Great job, as always, Janis! I'm amazed by what you are able to do. I love the art over the bed!

Ann said...

Lovely, warm and inviting what a wonderful job you did.

Cati said...

it looks amazing. I am considering upgrading our (husband and I's) bedroom as well, and this gave me so many ideas. Great inspiration! :)


Vicky @ Pearl District said...

Wow! The room is sooo beautiful!!! Great job! So much inspiration!!!!


Navy Bean said...

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful compliments!

LindsB said...

So so so pretty! What a beautiful bedroom you have- LOVE that diamond wall, amazing!!

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