Monday, December 20, 2010

Decorating for the Holidays

I love decorating for the holidays. It just seems extra cozy when you bake some cookies and sit around and admire the Christmas tree. These cookies are my absolute favorite butter cookie recipe and I used the sanding sugar from the other day.

I ended up making some plain with sanding sugar and some with frosting and just a few granules of sanding sugar.

This year our apartment is too small for a regular sized Christmas tree so we decided to go with a mini tree and put it on top of the chest of drawers in our living room. Since it stands already stands on the dresser, I don't miss the height of the big tree. A ribbon bow tops it off.

I know I don't need to mention this because you already know, but I love wrapping gifts. I always use beautiful ribbon and I make special embellished tags. Tying ribbon can sometimes take a little practice. I used to crisscross the ribbon on the bottom of the package but then the box or whatever I was wrapping never stood perfectly flat. One day when I was at Tiffany's I saw them gift wrap a box so that the ribbon was perfectly flat on the bottom and that's when I knew I was doing it all wrong. The Container Store has a good step-by-step tutorial here.

Finally I made some paper ornaments and hung them in our window. Everything LEB posted about her favorite Christmas crafts and it reminded me of these ornaments that I made two summers ago. They were the perfect, easy project that added an extra special festive touch to my holiday decor.

Do you have any favorite holiday decorating traditions? Please share!


LindsB said...

Ahh, I need to make some of those paper ornaments, they are so so pretty!!!

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